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Cuisine, just when you hear it, your mind starts to wander and the mouth begins to water. With every country the cuisine differs as per its traditions and sometimes religion too. But most of all it’s the method of preparation that differentiates it from one another.

In today’s time, culinary skills have been perceived and every traditional dish is now made with a twist that tastes delectable and looks appetizing. Every country has its own story to tell but for India, we are sure to be seen everywhere. Indian Cuisine known for its blend of flavors, has now gone global and famous all over the world. Be it samosas or tandoori chicken, even other nationals enjoy eating Indian Food. Its mouth smacking and tickles ones taste buds.

Talking about India, not just the culturesthat are different, but Indian Cuisine itself is sub categorized in distinctive ways.It’s rightly said “Flavors of India”, even if it’s a cup of tea, any part of India, the taste will differ. This country is the land of spices and famously known for its ingredients. Every state cultivates and is famous for its own spices, herbs, fruits or vegetables. And thus, India has a variety of options to choose from when it comes to food.

With the aromas of India, catering to every taste bud, one has a variety of options to choose from. North Indian, South Indian, Maharashtrian, Gujarthi, Rajasthani, Goan, Bengali are some of the few from the list of Indian Cuisine. These cuisines are a mix of every flavor ensuring it suits everybody’s palette.

Back in the North known for its parathas and curries, every outlet these days serve it in their own variation. Whereas in the South the use of fresh coconut makes the dish sumptuous. Let’s not forget the food served in the East, cooked in mustard oil that sparks the flavors even more. And of course in the West, it’s a blend of spicy, tangy and sweet. One country and so many options, who would want to miss out on such cuisine.

So let’s not waste time, let’s explore some more on Indian Cuisine to define the taste of India.
Bon Appetite.

Author: Picaddle Resort